Are you a coach, professional speaker or author who is

Tired of paying top dollar for transcripts, then spending
hours of your own (or your assistant's) time editing them?

Stop wasting your time and money.  Perfect audio transcripts on time, every time. Audio Transcription you can depend on.

Most transcription services will gladly transcribe your teleseminar, but will you be happy with what you get? The fact is companies that transcribe everything likely understand very little about your market, so you're likely to receive a technically accurate but incredibly hard to read (and impossible to repurpose) transcript. On the other hand, The Admin Source works exclusively with heart-based Coaches, Speakers and Information Marketing professionals. This means we know your terminology, your needs, and how to make you look good in print - without changing your style and while keeping a conversational tone in every transcript.

We know exactly what you need, and that's exactly what you'll get.

Sit back. Relax. Let us handle the details.


What does 'Edited for Readability' mean?

  • All transcripts are edited to AP (Associated Press) style guidelines

  • Removal of all nonsense sounds (uhm), repetitve idioms (you know),
    and anything totally unrelated to the content (issues with phone lines, etc.)

  • Paragraphs of six lines maximum

  • More or less editing as requested

  • The end result? An easy to read, product-ready transcript.

Let us know what you need.
That's exactly what you'll get.

Need a few good reasons?

  • Edited for Readability transcription.You won't waste your own time correcting 30 pages of text to read well. All transcripts are professionally edited at no additional cost.

  • Pricing by the audio minute. There's no guesswork involved. You submit 65 minutes of audio, that's what you pay for.

  • High value for the dollar.Two words: Speed and honesty. Our staff is fast and accurate, so proofreading time is minimal. By keeping overhead low, we can still make a modest profit while not blowing your budget through the roof.

  • Audio to eBook in one easy step. Why stop at a plain text document when the branding and extra income potential of enhancing that transcript is at your door? eBooks are priced by the page. Again, no guesswork. Find out more here.

Our clients are saying...

  • Ali Brown "What I love about TAS is they will smooth out your transcripts.If you were saying, 'Um.. uh.. well, okay," they'll take it out. If you're trying to make a point and you mess up, they'll fix it. I've used other companies and have not gone back!"

    Ali Brown

We specialize in transcribing

  • Teleseminars
  • Live Seminars
  • Speeches
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Radio Shows
  • Television/Video

Save yourself a step...

We can also turn your transcript into:
  • eBooks
  • Printed Books and Manuals
  • Workbooks

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